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Below is a article from InternetDay newsletter which can get from 
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Article by Scott Kusner, of Resource Rampage(, Scott has been developing
                  websites for about two years, he has been a member of many banner
                  exchanges and has performed many differen't experiments with the different
                  types of banners. If you have any questions you can email Scott at

                  Banner advertising is a very effective way of spreading the word about your
                  website. Of course a dark colored banner that just has the title of your page on
                  it won't get you very many Clickthroughs. Here are some tips for effective
                  banner advertising. 

Targeted Banner Advertising
                  Banners that are on a site related to your sites topic is more effective than to
                  have a banner advertising for a site about animals on a sports page. It would be
                  a better idea to get your animal banner on a site about animals. 

Make your banner STAND OUT
                  A banner woven into the design of the webpage may be nice, but they do not
                  get very high clickthrough ratios. Make your banner bright and colorful so the
                  people will see it. Do not use dark colors such as black, brown, gray, or other
                  dark colors. 

Using Animated banners
                  If you are going to make an animated banner, you should use the first frame to
                  grab the persons attention. Then the second or third frames should tell about
                  your product or site. Make sure to make the first frame explain the product very
                  well because a lot of people will stop the page from fully loading. If that
                  happens, the person at the site will not be able to see the animation. 

Getting People to Click your banner 
                  Using words on your banner like "Click Here" or "Free Stuff" will get you better
                  click through ratios. People like to get free stuff, so using the word free will
                  make someone click it. Use the words "Click Here" on your banner so people
                  actually know that they can click the banner and they will go somewhere. 

How Big Should My Banner Be?
                  It is important to keep the size of you banner at a reasonable amount of bytes. I
                  would suggest no more than 10,000 bytes for an animated banner, and 4,000
                  for a static banner. If the banner size is too large, people with slow connections
                  will be at a different page before your banner is loaded! 

What Do I Use to Create My Banners?
                  There are a lot of good programs for making graphics out there, but I would
                  suggest Microsoft Image Composer 1.5 Beta. You can download it at
         Its free to
                  download and is an excellent program. This is what I use to make all of my

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