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Happy 2013 Thanksgiving 我的感恩餐

Christina Z          于 November 30, 2013 at 22:51:50:

A moment for share, a life to enjoy.
This is my love seat. Welcome!

Happy 2013 Thanksgiving 我的感恩餐

It's the right time to be thankful.... and.....cook - cook- cook!

Once for a long time, we have guests this year. I keep the menu as traditional and simple as possible while avoid uncooked and cold dish for seniors. It's so nice sharing kiddos' thankful letter, cheers a lot, and enjoy the very moment three generations get together.

一年一季感恩节,好忙啊:忙采购忙煮忙吃忙收拾。还要绕出去给独守家门的好朋送点心。这也正是佳节的本质吧:去爱,去付出, 去好好的忙碌和享受。

18 pounder for 6 adults, 3 kiddos this year. Looove it(Just like last year)! So proud of it (Just like last every year). My definition for a "good bird": juicy, tender, tasty. By the first slice, four of us gathering around island and began to "steal".... turn out we almost have not much left over!

After so many years, I still consider a little chilled Beaujolais goes so well with turkey.

Hmm, seriously in need to roast another one before Christmas ......

好啦,我的大鸟已经年年不败好多年啦。不过总是要第一刀切下肉汁四溅验明正身才定得下心来。 今年18 磅,还是很入味多汁,明年可以冲上20磅了,要不两只也不错.....

Defrost 3.5 days, brining 24 hours, roasted 3.45 hours. 18lb + 1.5gallon brining + AllClad 12 Qt pot = Super Powered me. Some times it's good to bankrupt some energy before pile on high cal eats.

泡腌火鸡真正是体力活啊。要解冻清洁装袋倒汁扛着放冰箱,反复扛里扛外上下倒腾几次,再清洗按摩入盆入烤箱,All Clad是真好,可也真重嘀。

Of cause we'll do some lite to begin the pm. Snack 1: Fruit Delight.


Snack 2: Assorted Fresh Baked Cookies. I love to have the cookies fragrant my house upon friends arrival. And I just know our guest family love sweets.


Appetizer: Bacon Wrapped Asparagus & Sweet Peppers. assembled one night ahead. I'm not a fan of too crunchy or darken bacon on wraps. The salty beacon balance the sweetness of pepper & asparagus so well.


Appetizer: Bacon Wrapped Mini Sausage. Salty on salty. Kiddos crazy in love of them. All gone before I ever noticed.

配一道:熏肉卷小肉肠。肉卷肉咸卷咸。我一边卷一边想,看吧,这就是怕死的和不怕死的差别呢。本是哄小朋友的,大人也爱上,而且,没吃上的自己也念念不忘 ---- 吃起来,还是不怕死。

Soup: Butternut Squash and Apple Soup: Wow everyone to a fine beginning. I add some curry powder to the onion, balance the sweet taste of squash and apple very well.


Side: Cranberry Fruit Conserve. With apple, walnut, raisin. Sometimes the details make big difference: lemon & orange zest and juice from my own garden.


Side: Sweet Potato soufflé. Everyone's favorite, a cherish dish.


Side: Baked Mashed Potato top w/parmesan and Panko. Panko adds texture, yet stay a little light. I normally don't do any bread in Thanksgiving, and I never like to do stuffing, not even bread on top of potato: potato & yam are both a must upon all request ---- need to save every bit of room in stomach as possible....

芝士烤土豆泥。我们宝贝老二刨的土豆皮呐,就是特别好吃(刨多了,快吃光了)。 爱这套餐具:骨瓷哦,微波烤箱冰箱洗碗机都不惧,简洁又经典,美丽的劳模,象我似的 ;)

With gravy. I used 1 can Bud Lite & 1 can chicken broth. Tons of celery, onion, halved garlic, carrot, and fresh herbs for roasting. Gravy turn out fantastic. 光顾了吃和布菜,盘子里的几乎忘掉没照了。好容易是有肉汁酱的一张。

Side: Green Beans w/Garlic and Almond. Green! All gone! I skip salad this year for the senior and picky boys. Originally also planed a chard salad but have to cancel 'cause too much food already.

杏仁四季豆。应景的绿色,人人不会忌口。比 往年的蘑菇奶酱洋葱圈来烤,负担更少些。

Double Dessert: Pumpkin Cheesecake w/Fresh Whipped Cream & Mint (veg!), Traditional Apple Crisp top w/Ice Cream. (Ice cream NOT home-made ^^)

My pumpkin pie and apple pie were such a great hit last year, I decide to do modifications on both this time. These are so much textures, warm and cold, very fun to make and enjoy. I'll switch back to pumpkin pie next year because it feels better to the fest, but the apple crisp w/oat topping is much healthier and simpler, love to keep it.

铛铛铛!甜点上场。 吃到这一盘,都已大饱喽。不过勉强举起叉子,就难放下了:今年是改良版的南瓜苹果口味----南瓜奶酪蛋糕配手打奶油,苹果燕麦酥配香草冰淇淋。好在小小份,满足又负担不大(那是骗人的)。消食?今年采买都推到网上了, 咳,吃饱了才有力气去减减嘛!

No matter how hard you working around the kitchen and time, enjoy a good cup & little sweets: treat yourself! Appreciate all the giving and enjoying.


Christina Z at 11:47 PM

Christina Z

A mom, daughter, wife & business owner.

I consider cooking, shopping & reading are everyday therapies to my extreme busy schedules.

Love traditional art, love classic music, love lipsticks and jewelries, love high heel shoes and high priced purses. Love to read all, travel everywhere & cook everything. Love to love...

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