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Celebrating China-U.S. Friendship -A Show Featuring Yunnan Performing Arts Group[2011/1/8]

BY Alex Wang [ January 04, 2011 at 12:06:24 ]

Co-hosted by
The Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Houston
City of Houston
Harris County

January 8, 2011 (Saturday)
Wortham Center, Cullen Theatre


Prelude: Different ethnic groups, one family
Performers: all the dancers

Dance of the Dai Ethnic Group: The Golden Peacock
Performers: all the dancers

Peacock is regarded as a sacred bird for the Dai people. It is the symbol of kindness and wisdom beauty and fortune. Dance of Peacock is the folk dance beloved by the Dai people. It has been approved onto the Masterpiece List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of China.

3. Solo Baritone by Sun Jian:

4. Dance of the Jingpo Ethnic Group: The Beautiful Banse--Flower
Performers: all the dancers

Munao Zongg, is a traditional festival grandly celebrated by the Jingpo people. It means that everybody comes to dance. The festival lasts 4-5 days every year from the 15th of the first month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. Banse Flowers grow on the mountains where the Jingpo people live. The dance demonstrates women's daily live, spinning and weaving by singing and dancing, while the silver decorations ringing by their movements.

5. Magic Flowers
Performer: Qi Yuanrui

6. Dance of the Huayao Dai Ethnic Group: Dancing with the Bamboo--Bells
Performers: all the dancers

Nanga means a bamboo tube in the Dai language. Dancers wear this kind of "bamboo -bells" on their fingers ringing by their movements.

Dance of the De'ang Ethnic Group: Women on the Plateau
Performers: Wu Yuanyuan, Yan Xuechang, Tang Ningdan

The Sun could take a rest by sunset, and the Moon could take a rest by daytime, but the women on the plateau could not. They are devoted to people they love and to their families keeping on generation by generation. The dance implies a spirit of sacrifice of women on the plateau and their hardworking and goodness.

8. Solo of Yunnan Ethnic Musical Instruments:
Musician: He Wenxing

Bawu-Flute and Gourd-Flute: Yunnan Folk Song

9. Dance of the Yi Ethnic Group: The Lovely Yi Girls
Performers: all the dancers

Azalea is the most beautiful flower in the area where the Yi people live. The Yi girls are as pretty as Azaleas. The dance showcases the atmosphere of girls in colorful clothes going to the traditional Yi festival "Torch Festival".

10. Acrobatics: Hand to Hand Balance — Strength
Performers: Lin Tong and Wang Rui,

11. Dance of the Shan Dai Ethnic Group: The Merry Girls from the Mountain Village
Performers: all the dancers

The Dai people live by the rivers and in the forest of bamboos. They are noted for their kindness and hospitality. The traditional custom has been kept on that girls should go singing and dancing for guests whoever pay visit to their villagers.

Leaf and Guitar American Songs Miles and Miles of Texas,
Deep in the Heart of Texas
Performers: He Wenxing and

13. Dance of the Lisu Ethnic Group: Dancing in the Forest of Bamboo
Performers: all the dancers

The Lisu people are living in the mountains. They are overflowed with enthusiasm and passion. Bamboo is closely bound up with the Lisu people’s daily life. Most of the commodities are made of bamboo, such as bamboo dustpans, baskets, wine cups, and so are the bamboo musical instruments. This dance shows a traditional custom that the Lisu girls dance with girdles made of bamboo.

14. Solo Soprano by Wan Shanhong:

15. Duet by Wan Shanhong and Sun Jian:
Accompanied by all the dancers


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