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While Olson Seeks Twitter Advice, Carlson Educates About Rising Gas Prices

BY Barbara Carlson for US Congress [ April 09, 2012 at 16:51:45 ]

While Congressman Olson pumps gas at a local gas station and seeks Twitter advice, Carlson is educating District 22 about the crushing rising costs of gas at the pump. “You’ve got to be kidding. Olson is on the Energy and Commerce Committee and has to get Twitter advice about the rising gas prices at the pump?” a constituent questions.

It’s no wonder that Gallup now reports that only 10% approve of the job Congress is doing—a historical low. In addition, the NY Times’ poll now reports that less than 10% trust Congress.
One would surmise that if a member of Congress served on the Energy and Commerce Committee and from the great State of Texas, one would not have to seek Twitter advice as to the rising gas prices.

Where was Olson when the deal was cut to partner with Brazil—and George Soros is one-third owner of the company in Brazil? Not a peep from Olson—who sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee. Where was Olson when the oil moratorium was unconstitutionally inflicted on our country—grossly affecting each and every one of us? Again, Olson was silent. Why wasn’t due process protected under our Constitution?

What Olson is failing to educate the voters on are the many regulations, mandates and other government policies—hidden taxes—that are being imposed on us (the consumer). According to the Cato Institute, “In recent years gas taxes have been the fastest-growing federal tax imposed on middle-income Americans.” While establishment incumbents are trying to divert the focus to the federal income tax dilemma, the enormous hidden federal and state taxes at the gas pump are “invisible” with the blame, unfairly, now shifted to the oil companies instead of Congress. The gas tax is an excise tax and imposed on producers while hidden from consumers. Unfortunately, the growing hidden taxes that we are paying are rapidly growing the size of government while inflicting enormous economic damage on our economy while under the radar because of its invisibility to the consumers—unlike what a sales tax clearly discloses on a sales receipt.
The recent sanctions against Libya and the speculation that a prolonged reduction in crude oil supplies occurring will cause our prices to escalate even further. In essence, we’re at the mercy of our foreign “friends.” So, while we continue to allow our Congress to force Americans to rely on the foreign world crude-oil suppliers and inventory is limited, we will suffer even further at the pump. The cost of crude oil and its taxation takes a whopping 80% of the pie, leaving only 20% to the refiners and retailers. Not only is the fuel tax the second highest hidden tax, but then the oil companies are penalized twice in double taxation (1) when the company earns a profit, it has to pay taxes on that profit; and, (2) when it pays its stockholders a dividend, it’s taxed for a second time.

So the next time we’re at the pump and Olson is performing a mere publicity stunt, please do a shout-out to him, our representative who is allowing Uncle Sam to take the biggest chunk of our pie. This is why Congressman Olson must be voted out of office—the symbolic silence and lack of leadership as our representative.

As Carlson continues, “We need to pray for the recovery of our nation. We are in serious trouble.”

Please peruse Barbara’s website at www.Carlson22.com. I promise that I will fight bitterly hard for our great nation. We must restore our values. The only way that that is possible is to elect the true fighters who dearly love our Constitution—and who understand it.


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