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悼念约翰.格里德尼 John Gladney(1950-2010)

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* 徐建勋是得克萨斯州休斯敦执业律师,业务领域包括商业诉讼及商业移民。

Three days ago, I picked up my cell phone and as usual made a phone call to my friend of over ten years, John Gladney, to ask him how he was coping with his illness. From the other end, I heard a much younger voice, apparently not John's, and I asked may I talk to John. Then the receiver asked who I was and then brought the unbelievable news to me: John passed away last week after a short fight with cancer.

John left us just like that, so quickly and without a sound.

John had been my friend, my colleague, and indeed, my mentor for the past twelve years.

John was a well-liked fellow and he would go extra miles for his friends and his clients. John was much senior than me, but in his heart he was just like “child-simple,” pure and looking at things mostly in an innocent way.

John was a die-hard old-fashioned lawyer indeed: he was almost computer illiterate and that was why we didn't have any emails left from him and he didn't type and he had to dictate everything to his secretary. However, all this was symbolic. He was an old- fashioned lawyer because he practiced law in the old-fashion way, that is, lawyering was never a business, but a profession; a client was more like a friend, attorney's fees were not the ends, but the means, subject to negotiation. He took cases not because they were lucrative or not, but because he believed in the cause and he could help for the client.

John was a successful lawyer to me: it's not that he made a fortune by practicing law and I bet he could. But again, as an old-fashioned one, he didn't care about that much and didn't pay much attention to those things.

John was a helper to many, especially to me. In the past ten years, I've been frequently involved in litigation matters, on which I may say John was a true expert and genius on court rules and practices. In my memory, I never got a question that he didn't give a satisfactory and indeed, the right answer.

John was an idealist and a romantic person. He cared about money only to the point his lifestyle could be maintained, which was nothing extravagant.

In his recent years, he somehow developed strong interest and fondness in the Houston Chinese community and many of his clients were indeed Chinese. He told me he visited China once and liked it very much. He expressed to me he would want to go there again.

John didn't want to burden anyone, and he never did. His passing reflected that as well--he instructed his family members to bury him as quickly as they could, and didn't even make a formal announcement.

John, you left us in such a hurry and I was thinking of visiting you upon knowing you got cancer and requested that you let me know if you were around your office.

I want to tell you, you were with us, and we'll remember you forever.

I wish you rest in peace in heaven.

*James X. Shu is a practicing attorney in Houston, Texas in areas of business, business litigation and business immigration.

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