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[Safety Information 安全资讯]

免费公益讲座:犯罪预防、遭遇应对及合法使用武器 附六大注意事项

綜合消息          于 October 17, 2017 at 01:40:10:

为了更有效的预防犯罪,保护同胞。Chinatown watch特邀请有20多年安保经验的francisco为大家举行系列免费公益讲座,内容涉及犯罪预防,遭遇犯罪如何应对,如何合理合法的使用武器等。欢迎大家参加。

时间: 10月14日星期六晚6:00-8:00
地点: 10700 Richmond Ave 77042  (点击顶端地址自动导航前往)











This paper summarizes some of the contents of the chat with Francisco alone before the lecture on the safety and defense of the aircraft, as well as before the lecture, for reference and supplement :

Most crimes ( such as rape, robbery, theft, etc. ) need three elements to occur, the so-called criminal triangle, namely : the victim, the crime opportunity, the attacker ( that is, the perpetrator ). As long as one of the elements is not available, it will greatly reduce the chance of a crime. For the average person, what can be done and is easy to do is not to provide criminal opportunities.

0, even if it is justifiable to defend or to help others defend, but also millions of people can not say to the police or others like this : " I saw him steal or rob me, I want to kill ( kill ) him. . . This may bring you an endless trouble and a legal dispute that you can't imagine. You can never deliberately " kill " the motive of others, even for some criminals. You can only say to the police and the court : " My life and my property are seriously threatened, and I am not allowed to defend myself, unfortunately he was shot to death. " there is a fundamental difference between the two different approaches to life.

1, Don't put some valuable things on the car. As soon as the criminals saw it, they might have smashed windows and even robbed them. To the Chinese, criminals and gangs know that Chinese people like to put some valuable things in the car with more cash, so the probability of being robbed is higher than the others. The exchange of information between criminals is very fast.

2, criminal gangs and people also know that China women like to put a bunch of things ( including mobile phones, money, wallets, keys and other things that don't need to be taken ) in a handbag, there are a number of designer bags, which also provide the opportunity for criminals. He said, not only should not do so, but also deliberately dispersed, in case of robbery, give him the bag, there is no loss. More and criminals in the grab a few times, found that no harvest, but also soon will not be targeted at the crowd robbed.

3, the Chinese people should have the community consciousness, enthusiastic community to prevent the crime public welfare activity, sees the person to be robbed, as the citizen is has the power and the duty to stop. The main purpose is to prevent in the bud, and not to say that the crime has occurred, cit is necessary to who who killed. The criminals themselves are leeward, and they find that the community has the prevention and the unity, then they have to think twice, and the chance of committing a crime will naturally be greatly reduced. He is very supportive of " Houston China Town Guard" community public welfare activities, " He stressed that " Presence ", that is, as long as someone in watch ( watching ), the criminal will usually leave, they do not want to increase the cost of crime.

4, Chinese people generally feel that they do not need guns, because they feel they will not be stirred into the shooting. He repeatedly stressed that the purpose of the gun is not to shoot at any point, to kill others. For the vast majority of ordinary people, killing a person will give themselves a lifetime psychological burden. Armed with guns is a threat to the criminals, and they do not want to be shot for stealing or stealing hundreds of dollars. This will greatly reduce the crime against chinese. Many communities basically have no theft or robbery, because criminals know that people in these communities are armed, and people in the community are very strong and united.

5, Criminals see cars in the field are more likely to move the idea of car or robbery, because they know that the car is more likely to have cameras and other valuable things in the car. This requires a lot of consideration and attention, especially if you have friends who drive to your place to play, or drive to other cities to play.

6, Someone asked : when shooting in self-defense, is not as far as possible not to death, but to wound each other. His answer is very technical : I can't encourage anyone to shoot someone, but I can tell you that many of the wounded criminals have been in trouble for all their lives for all sorts of reasons, even for various reasons to defend the defense, the court can not refuse to accept. If someone forces me to pull the gun, the other person will be in big trouble. I can only say this, can you understand me?

From 邓铁军

非常感谢昨晚参加Chinatown watch的同胞们,感谢francisco无偿无名无利的付出。活动开展两个月以来,效果有目共睹。这是一场人民战争,胜利属于所有参与和支持的同胞们。事实证明,中国人团结起来,没有什么是不可能的!




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