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作者:吴生玉 Author: Shengyu Wu          于 August 20, 2011 at 09:20:02:

The Extraordinary Improvisational Oil Paintings –
The most impressive works of Xinsheng Wang
Author: Shengyu Wu

I ardently love fine art since I was few years old. I dreamed to be an artist. Although fifties years of my life have gone by, the dream of becoming an artist still inspires me even though I became a petroleum geologist instead. I have great interest in various styles of fine art works of different era. I have seen the original art works of various times in dozens of countries in every continents of the world. I am especially enchanted by outstanding art pieces.

One day in early 2008, my wife and I accompanied our son to attend an art lesson in Xingsheng Wang Art School in Houston. The moment I entered in Mr. Wang’s studio, I was completely captured by the oil paintings he hung up on the walls. Mr. Wang’s art works caught me by their grandeur, bold and unconstrained stokes left by unpredictable motions of pallet knifes, rich but calm colors and somewhat mysterious atmosphere. I immediately realized that the art works by Mr. Wang in front of my eyes did not exit anywhere else in the world. These art pieces were created by highly skilled artist of great attainments of art. Three years later, I finally saw Mr. Wang’s art works exhibited in Beijing Today’s Art Museum with a grand ceremony. I am so pleased and relieved about the fact that the audience in China finally got to see the outstanding art pieces of Mr. Wang.

“Praying”, “Old Saxophone Player” and “Tibetan Boy” are the most extraordinary pieces in my opinion. When I gazed at the work “Praying”, I seemed to hear the heart wrenching crying of the old man and see his devout heart and faith to God. The perfect use of lighting, color and strokes of the pallet knifes lead the focus of the audience’s attention to the praying and widely opened crying mouth. The artist succinctly and accurately expressed the hands of the old man who experienced many vicissitudes of life.

The work of “Old Saxophone Player” stirred up may deepest compassion to this old man who lived at the bottom of the society. He resembles the poor people I have seen in many countries. He barely survived with his meager capability. It seemed so hard for him to retell his agonies, pains and sufferings but through the deep and quivering sound of his saxophone. Nonetheless, the empty background tells the audience that nobody heard his crying sound of the saxophone. The succinct, spontaneous and bold strokes in the painting showed artist’s absolute control of the painting.

The relatively small piece of “Tibetan Boy” showed me the vast wilderness, a ragged body nourished by eating locusts and wild honey and a personality formed by tussling with wild animals. He might have been fed half full in the wilderness. But he is a winner living in the cruel nature. The entire painting is full of grandeur, proud and dominance. The artist’s spontaneous stokes left me with endless aftertastes and admiration.

Houston, USA, August, 2011

作者:吴生玉,美国莱斯大学地质地球物理博士,美国石油地质家协会会员,美国勘探地球物理家协会会员,美国德州专业地球科学家。美国C&C Reservoirs地学及国际运作副总裁。
Author: Shengyu Wu who obtained a Ph.D. degree in Geology and Geophysics at Rice University, USA, is a member of AAPG and SEG and is a certified Professional Geoscientist of Texas. He is currently the senior Vice President of Geosciences and International Operations at C&C Reservoirs in USA.

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